The Baby Formula

Director: Alison Reid
Year: 2009
Country: Canada
Duration: 82 mins
Cast: Angela Vint, Megan Fahlenbock and Rosemary Dunsmore
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Filed under: Human Embryology, Drama

Athena and Lilith are two women in a same-sex relationship. As with most couples, they want to have a baby that is a genuine biological combination of them both. With the help of Jim, a trusted lab technician, they use sperm made from Lilith's stem cells to inseminate Athena and the combination takes. Athena is pregnant with Lilith's child. Lilith is happy to be an expectant mother, but secretly wishes she was the pregnant one. She goes behind Athena's back and convinces Jim from the lab to help her with the same process. At first, this causes some friction in their relationship, but the couple works it out. However, the real trouble starts when their families get involved and the surprises become even greater.

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