Frozen Angels

Director: Frauke Sandig, Eric Black
Year: 2005
Country: Germany/USA
Duration: 93 mins
Rating: N/A
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Filed under: Human Embryology, Documentary

A scientific and social exploration of the future of human reproductive technology. Los Angeles is the world's capital of reproductive technology. Here, the free market rules and as radio DJ Bill Handel, who also runs the world's largest sperm bank, says, "It's easier to open a sperm-bank than a pizzeria". Frozen Angels follows the personal stories and perspectives of the intelligent blonde college students donating eggs, the surrogate mums and the waiting parents, challenging everyone's moral code along the way. One sperm donor could potentially father hundreds of children in the same city – what if two were to fall in love? With blonde blue-eyed Californian designer babies de rigueur, are we heading towards genetic imperialism? (Aired 27 October 2005)

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