Horizon: Breath of Life

Director: BBC
Year: 2000
Country: UK
Duration: 50 mins
Rating: N/A

Filed under: Human Transplantation, Documentary

This documentary is about a living donor lung transplant for a woman suffering from cystic fibrosis. Two living donors are needed for this procedure which is a risky one for them as well as the recipient. The brother and sister of Sheila Batchelor decided they would each donate a lung, although Sheila's chances of survival with the transplants would be low. There are detailed surgical scenes of the removal of Sheila's lungs and those of her relatives, and of the transplant. The post-operative progress of all three in followed. The brother and sister recover, though not without difficulties, but Sheila dies 3 weeks after surgery. Some months afterwards, her relatives talk about their decision to donate their lungs and the question remains of whether the procedure should be carried out, considering the little likelihood of success. (Aired BBC Two, Thursday 13th January 2000, 21:30)

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