The Perry Pigger Show

Year: 2005
Country: UK
Duration: 10 mins

Filed under: Xenotranplantation, Drama

"What a swine of a show we've got for you today," beams the host of The Perry Pigger Show as he calms his audience's chants of "Perry…Perry….Perry." The audience is made up of a mix of pigs and humans and, as the lights go down, the spotlight falls on Susie. Susie needs a heart transplant to save her life but is having to wait for a suitable donor. Perry then introduces someone who could help called Roger … who's a pig. Later we hear from Doctor Porkins who outlines some of the science. The comic elements of the plot and the jokes about people being "pig-headed" are mixed in with serious points about the ethics of cross-species transplantation and practical issues such as organ rejection.

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